Brand Story


Liao Xinlan brand name, from the heart of Generation name of the family, relatives, to commemorate the production of dried tofu, its teaching techniques, as Liao Xinlan defendant's brand name. Together the family's core business philosophy everywhere, generations of the situation, indirectly enhance the continuous improvement and innovation of product opportunities.


Liao Xinlan dried tofu well-known across the province, was founded in the Republic of 45 years, from the Liao Xinlan I Dasi three Itabashi Liaocuo in the end produce dried bean curd, fermented bean curd family holiday each year from the original food to eat, and then extended to the bazaar to sell so well received.

As uphold the tradition of craftsmanship, from the choice of beans, soaked beans, grinding, Beans, to a pressurized filter, color, lo and other layers of the production process, are not overlook a little more, a second less, steered improved production methods , plus sweet water, then dried tofu and fermented bean curd made ​​from a variety of flavors.

Liao Xinlan vintage long red fermented bean curd is the core product sales, from 1959 to 45 years since the store opened, and embraced by many loyal customers, launched this year to develop the taro flavor that emphasizes the health of the red slot taste, the same favored by the market.

In addition to fermented bean curd, the curd is brand strengths, including three-cup chicken, tomatoes and other market rare unique taste, combined with dried tofu, chewy flavor ingredients, rich taste to the mouth of any changes in the level and composition, painstakingly produced products, taste is really impressive. Another variety of pickled vegetables such as bamboo incense, fragrant ginger, purple Samui, cabbage, special sauce, rice, skinned peppers and other products for customers.



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